XVideoServiceThief - Ultimate Video Download Manger For Windows, Linux & MAC

XvideoServiceThief is a free open Source Application from where you can download videos from Youtube, 5 mins, Metacafe and 90 Other websites. The principle goal of the program is that, with xVideoServiceThief the user download their most loved Videos straightforwardly to the PC in the easiest way.

XVideoServiceThief emerges for having support for a many video formats, among which are the most prominent, for example, AVI, WMV, MPEG1, MPEG2, MP4, 3GP and MP3. The Most Important with XVideoServiceThief is, you can download more than one video at a time. Thanks to XVideoServiceThief for its graphical interface, the program is very easy and simple to Use. As regular for these sorts of projects, you just need to Copy the URL of the video you wanna download and begin the download with a Single Click.

Xvideo Service Thief For Pc

XVideo downloader has a built in Video Convertor, from which you can convert any video to any other format. For example you have a Video of WMV format and it doesnt support in your mobile, then you can convert WMV format to 3gp or Mp4 Mobile supported format. And you can also convert any video to Mp3 format. XVideoServiceThief also has Children Protection to Block Adult Websites. As for now, XVideoServiceThief is availabe for Windows, Linux and Mac. While you can only use this app on pc there are few other popular apps for android one of the best is filmywap Apk

About XVideoServiceThief:

In the mid 2008 XESC & TECHNOLOGY developed XVideoServiceThief. XVideoServiceThief can be downloaded in windows, linux and mac. XVideoServiceThief is a Video download application from which you can download videos from any sites and XVideoServiceThief app supports upto 93 websites. I have listed some of them below.

Xvideovservicevtheif 2017 Sites

  •  Youtube
  • vimeo       
  • Szinhaz.tv
  • Zedge
  • Zuuble
  • TubeIslam
  • ZappInternet
  • Video.ca
  • Videolog
  • Wat.tv
  • Yahoo Video
  • Yikers
  • Spike
  • StreetFire
  • UStream
  • VBox7
  • Totally Crap
  • Totally Up Yours
  • Scientific Blogging
  • Shred or Die
  • Clip4e
  • Clipfish
  • Blip
  • Boing Boing
  • Game Anyone?
  • GameSpot
  • MySpass
  • MyVideo
  • 5min
  • Aniboom
  • 123video
  • Atom
  • ATV
  • Dumpalink
  • EJB
  • elRellano
  • PP2G TV
  • Pugorama
  • ClipJunkie
  • CollageHumor
  • Caught On Tape
  • Ceknito
  • CinemaVIP
  • GameTrailers
  • Glumbert
  • GodOfHumor
  • TV2
  • TV3 a la Carta
  • Tangle
  • FreeCaster
  • Yeh Play
  • Go Ear

There are also some Adult Sites which are supported by XVideoServiceThief, but im not gonna list them here, if you wanna check them out visit the official site of XVideoServiceThief.

Cool Features of XVideoServiceThief

i.        Its Free to Download
ii.      XVideoServiceThief has a built in video convertor.
iii.    XVideoServiceThief allows you to download the videos in the format you want.
iv.     Child Protection is availabe to block  downloading from the adult websites.
v.       XVideoServiceThief also has a video search engine from where you can search for the videos directly from the app.
vi.     XVideoServiceThief supports Multiple Languages.
vii.   XVideoServiceThief helps you to download more than one video at a time.
viii. It also has Drag and Drop support.
ix.     You can always Pause and Resume Downloads.
x.       It also keeps the list of downloaded files.
xi.     XVideoServiceThief Downloads video with high speed even in slower internet connections.
xii.   XVideoServiceThief has a great User Interface and its very easy to use.

Download XVideoServiceThief for Windows PC/Linux/ MAC OS:

1) Go to the Official Website of  XVideoServiceThief.
2) Now Click on Downloads.
3)After you click on Downloads from the menu you can see: Windows Binaries - 2.5.1, GNU/Linux Binaries - 2.5.1, Mac OS X Binaries - 2.5.1.
4) Now Choose the Download bases on your Operating System and Download it.
5)Once you Download XVideoServiceThief. Go to Download and select the file to install it.
6) Once its installed you are done.
7)Happy Downloading through XVideoServiceThief.

Download XVideoServiceThief 1.7.1 hd Apk 

As you already know the best features of xvideoservicethief 1.7.1 hd , here we are providing link to download xvideo service theif 1.7.1 apk  for free. download & watch unlimited videos offline.


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