Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Download Amazon Chime | Create an Amazon Chime Account

What is Amazon Chime?

Amazon Chime is a new communication software which is launched by Amazon Web Services which supports Video conferencing, calls, chat and sharing of files. Amazon Chime has been launched to compete with the likes of Skype of Microsoft and WebEx and Spark of Cisco. launched for all the platforms like windows, Mac and Mobile platforms like android, iOS and windows. You can download chime for free from here.

⇨In Simple: "Amazon Chime" Is Going To Be A Tough Competitor For Microsoft Skype.

Data is consequently synced regardless of the device, you are utilizing to get to Amazon Chime. Amazon users can signin into Amazon Chime using their old amazon account, or they can even separate their shopping account from amazon chime account if they want.
Amazon Chime utilizes Clear HD video and Noise-cancelling Wideband Audio which will be working in all devices and across all video conference room systems with no upgrades needed.

⇨ Is A Hybrid Application Of All Other Communication & Conferencing Apps.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) claims most of the meeting applications on the market are very 'disappointing'. They are unwieldy, hard to use, and poor audio and video quality and frequently disconnects. Amazon Chime calls all the participants of the meeting, when its time for the meeting and allows the participants to join the meeting in single click with option of "running late". And the Amazon Chime Users can see who all are in the meeting and who's running late and who cant make it to the meeting.

Features of Amazon Chime:

  •   Video Conferencing: where you can join online video conferences with 16 people on desktop and with 8 people on mobile devices with high quality video and audio
  •  Online meetings: You can create or join a meeting from any Amazon Chime Supported device from anywhere.  You can see the participants in the meeting, you have a option to mute the audio. And you can even lock the meetings so only the people who have the pin can join.
  • Chat Rooms: You can create or join Chat rooms using Amazon Chime to bring people together. You can send and receive any files and you also have an option to search for the chat history.
  • Chat: You can message people inside and outside of your organization. You will get a notification whenever you receive a message. And you can share personal files by sending a personal message using the chat option. And you can even search for the history and data is synced across all devices.
  •  File Sharing: You can share files to all chat, chat rooms, online meetings and video conferences using Amazon Chime.
  • Microsoft Active Directory: Which means users can join Amazon chime using their office ID and join meetings and chat rooms.
  •  Administration: Amazon Chime provides Administration console where you can add or remove members, check usage reports and administrator can also run support related tasks such as adding PIN's for meetings.

Inorder to Create Amazon Chime Account You need to Download Amazon Chime Application First.

How to Download Amazon Chime For Android, Windows,iOS, MAC OS X:

  •  Go to Google and Search for "Download Amazon Chime".
  •  Open Amazon Official Website link from the results.
  •  Now you'll see the download options for different platforms, select the link based on your device. For example if you are using windows then Download Amazon Chime for Windows.
  •   It'll be downloaded in few minutes.
  • Once its downloaded install it by following the remaining steps.

How to Create an Amazon Chime Account:

  •   Once you install Amazon Chime, you'll need to create an Amazon Chime Account.
  •  Click on Sign/ Sign Up and type ur email address.
  •  If you already have an Amazon Account, You can login by entering your email and password, otherwise you can click on Create a new account.
  • First you need to enter your Name, then Email Address, then choose a strong password and now click on Create a new account.
  • You need to choose i agree to give permission for your Amazon account to be used with Amazon Chime.
  • Now go check your email address and click verify me.
  •  Thats it Now you have Created an Amazon Chime Account.